About Us

TEKNOMED is a UAE based Medical Equipment distribution company founded in the year of 2011. On the course of our journey, we have evolved as a distinguished name in the Medical distribution sector.

Under the ingenious and visionary leadership of our Management, the company has grown in the Medical Imaging and Healthcare industry, facilitating state of the art, high-quality Diagnostic Imaging Solutions in Radiology including Healthcare IT and Radiotherapy Systems.

Our presence both in Private and Public sectors ensures specialized attention and excellent countrywide support.

About Our Founder

A true visionary, Dr. Ara Arissian founded Teknomed Medical Equipment L.L.C in 2011 with an aim to provide quality healthcare products for clinics and hospitals in the UAE.

Dr. Ara completed his education as an Orthodontist Specialist in Paris, France and started practicing in 2004 in the UAE. As a medical professional and entrepreneur he developed and nurtured the company diligently, selecting only the best of medical products and professionals to serve the healthcare needs of the UAE.

Vision and Mission

Our vision at Teknomed is for every person to use their unique experiences and expertise, together – to supply solutions that create a better, healthier world. We strive to unleash the potential of the latest innovation in the healthcare industry.

We believe our first responsibility is to the patients, to mothers and fathers and all others who use our products and services. In meeting their needs everything we do must be of high quality. We constantly strive to serve our customers promptly and accurately.

Our Mission is focused on growing, nurturing and propelling groundbreaking healthcare technology as they transform healthcare today and the future of healthcare tomorrow. We believe by caring for women in our global community we will continue to fuel innovation in human health. We are proud to promote innovations, coalitions to achieve one common goal: To help Humanity thrive.