Fluroscan InSight 2

The Fluoroscan InSight 2 mini C-arm is an intuitive and easy-to-use, cost effective system designed specifically for the orthopedic and extremity imaging market. With high quality digital images, simplified operation and easy mobility,the system is the ideal choice for the operating room,emergency department, doctor’s office, surgery center, and sports medicine facility.

The system is equipped with a standard 6”/4” image intensifier and delivers ultra-fine, low-dose fluoroscopy and snap-shot images. New system enhancements have been made to help you see more; a 24” high-definition, hi-bright monitor paired with MegaView Image ensures you see your images at their largest and sharpest – even from a distance.


Automated Imaging

Smart Technology

Adaptive Noise and Motion Reduction

Automatic Dose Control

Management and Connectivity

Smallest Focal Point for Highest Visualization


X-Ray Source – Grounded tungsten anode x-ray tube 7.5 W high frequency

Image Intensifier – High sensitivity Cesium Iodide Dual Mode 6 in./4 in.

X-ray Power Control – Auto and Manual Mode

Image Storage- Permanent Hard Drive: 7000 images

Removable Data Storage- USB port, CD/DVD-RAM drive

Imaging Features –  Brightness/Contrast Control

– Automated Image Processing

– Real-Time Noise Reduction

Footswitch Options – Triple Function Footswitch (standard)

– Triple Function Infrared Footswitch (optional)

Flexibility for Comfort and Ease of Visualization

The demands of extremity surgery are varied. No matter how challenging the body part or how difficult the position, Fluoroscan® InSight is designed to accommodate your needs with extraordinary flexibility.
No more bulky, fixed monitors that require you to orient yourself to them. The Fluoroscan InSight’s lightweight,HD flat screen monitor can be rotated and positioned with ease to extend into the surgical field.
The articulation of the imaging arm moves with equal flexibility, so the C-arm works as you work — moving effortlessly from anterior to posterior to lateral views —so you get the precise angle that you need.
The result is great comfort for you and your patients and improved visualization in extremity surgeries.

Saving Time with Advanced Imaging Automation

Recent system improvements make the Fluoroscan® InSight from Hologic more versatile, efficient and cost effective than ever before. The new performance enhancements include

  • Automated Imaging
  • Smart Technology
  • Adaptive Noise and Motion Reduction
  • Automatic Dose Control
  • New IQ Enhanced 4.0 package for improved system speed and enhanced image detail.
  • A deeper C-arm to accommodate virtually any hand or foot surgical table and improve maneuverability.
  • A programmable wireless foot switch improves user-safety and convenience.

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