Fluroscan InSight FD

Meet the “flex” version Fluoroscan InSight FD Mini C-arm system that offers superior positioning, enhanced imaging and easy handling to meet the demands of today’s extremity surgeons.
Building on Hologic’s tradition of innovation in imaging, the “flex” version now offers a High resolution setting for the users. There is also a Low Dose Rate Option that enables the user to reduce dose rate while still providing clinically equivalent images.
The compact unit now features a redesigned monitor arm and rail for easy transportation and reduced OR workspace interference. The system also features several enhancements like the manual worklist entry feature, color coded buttons and auto save option, to make the interface intuitive.


Image quality to rival standard X-ray
• Image processing algorithms deliver superb distortion-free image quality.
• System allows larger anatomy imaging with dose optimization.
• Automatic imaging with dose optimization for all extremity imaging.
Better workflow and improved productivity
• Adjustment-free imaging with automatic motion and metal detection.
• User-friendly sterile field controls to meet surgeon needs.
• Touch-screen interface with easy-to-understand controls; swivel & tilt capable.
• Customizable imaging parameters for surgeon-specific preferences.
Peripherals and options to support each customer
• Wireless or wired multi-functional foot pedal.
• Wireless or wired network connectivity.
• DICOM 3.0 compliant (send, store, print & worklist).
• Multiple printer options that neatly fit into the base cabinet.
• USB and DVD export in standard industry formats.
Hologic offers expertise, stability and long-term investment support
• Nationwide 24 hour on-site customer support to protect your investment.
• Factory trained support personnel located across the country.
• Scope, stability and backing of a large customer-focused company.


X-ray Specifications:

X-Ray Source –  Grounded tungsten anode x-ray tube
7.5 W high frequency

Image Receptor:

Flat Plate Detector – CsI High sensitivity CMOS
Detector Rotation   – Full 180° rotation (+/- 90°)
-Auto tracking collimation

Imaging Features:

  • Automated image processing
  • Auto real-time noise reduction, edge enhancement and dose control
  • Magnify-zoom-pan
  • Brightness/contrast control
  • Physician preference configurable
  • Easy zoom in feature
  • Image rotation capability

Footswitch Options:

Wired       –   Triple-function
Wireless   – RF communication
Pedal Configuration – Save and/or reference tag
Button Configuration – MegaView Image/print or print

Performance-driven and State-of-the-art
Flat Detector Technology

Industry performance enhancements include:
• Flat detector technology
– Offers a streamlined thin profile for improved workspace access.
– Exclusive rotating detector and collimator enhance surgical area positioning.
– Dual mode flat detector with full field and magnified centered square field of view.
– High resolution detector offers superb image quality with dose optimization for clear anatomical visualization.
• C-arm design for improved ergonomics.
– C-arm designed with forward tube source offers unmatched arch depth for greater flexibility.
– Full 120° range of motion, both forward and back, provides exceptional maneuverability and flexibility.
– Flat surface beneath the detector allows for efficient table-top positioning.

Ergonomic design and user friendly interface

Versatility to perform your extremity procedures
• HD touch-screen monitor with finger touch rotation, easy zoom, color directionality and improved searchability.
• Adjustment-free imaging with automatic exposure as well as motion and metal detection.
• Tilt and swivel capabilities to orient the monitor for best viewing.
• MegaView™ Image capability to view a 50% larger image

User-friendly controls right where you need them
• Convenient handle and tube-head controls for fine tuning when needed.
• Laser alignment light to help guide the imaging to the precise and appropriate location.
• Single press X-ray exposure right at your fingertips.

Convenient mobility and flexibility
• The system is lightweight and can be easily moved from room to room.
• The system folds into a tight mobile package for quick and efficient storage.
• Full range of motion provides improved maneuverability and positioning.

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