I-View Software For Contrast-Enhanced 2D Imaging.

I-View CE2D Imaging is a simple upgrade to any Selenia Dimensions system, giving breast imaging practices an efficient pathway to expanded diagnostic capabilities. A contrast mammography examination, commonly referred to as contrast-enhanced 2D imaging (CE2D), is advanced imaging that provides additional information beyond a normal mammogram that may improve breast cancer detection.


The Selenia Dimensions system acquires a pair of high and low energy images in rapid succession; subtracting one from another eliminates the structural background of a mammogram, revealing clear information on contrast agent dynamics.

I-View software provides 2D contrast information for both 2D and 3D Mammography images with image quality and dose optimization designed specifically for CE2D Imaging.

CE2D Imaging can be used with any of the Selenia Dimensions compression paddles, maintaining ease of  use for the technologist and patient comfort during positioning.


• Selenia Dimensions I-View Software Option
• Selenia Dimensions I-View CE2D Imaging Software License (single gantry)
• Copper Filter

• Selenia Dimensions Mammography system with 1.8.3 software or higher
• Diagnostic license

Selenia DImensions- Optimized for Contrast Enhanced Imaging

I-View CE2D Imaging is a simple upgrade to any Selenia Dimensions system provides functional imaging information and highly detailed 2D images for enhanced precision in breast cancer detection. With I-View software, the Hologic Genius 3D Mammography images may also be combined with CE2D Imaging, creating powerful studies with the functional imaging benefits of contrast, and proven advantages of Genius 3D Mammography

Contrast Enhanced Imaging- Selenia Dimensions

Hologic I-View software for Contrast Enhanced 2D imaging (CE2D) enables you to create comprehensive image studies that reveal exceptional clinical detail and sensitivity in your mammography images. Plus, you can combine CE2D and 3D Mammography studies for further analysis. Together, this advanced exam provides powerful co-registered images with both functional and morphological information. Two CE2D modes offer a faster workflow and increased patient comfort compared with other modalities using contrast.

• CE2D mode: Contrast Enhanced 2D Imaging
• Combo CE2D mode: Contrast Enhanced 2D + 3D Imaging

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