Image Checker CAD 2D and 3D Calc CAD

ImageChecker CAD software, which identifies regions of interest on mammography images to help minimize observational oversights by the radiologist, potentially decreases false negative readings.


RightOn™ High Precision CAD Marks

PeerView™ Digital CAD Marks

EmphaSize™ Variable Size CAD Marks

Citra™ For Earlier Detection, and Better Results

LesionMetrics™ Detailed Lesion Highlights


Tower and Rack type Servers.

Windows 7 Operating System.

Advanced Technology

Selenia Dimensions 3D and Image Checker 3D Calc CAD: Using sophisticated software algorithms, ImageChecker 3D Calc CAD searches tomosynthesis data sets for Microcalcifications potentially associated with Breast Cancer.The highly evolved algorithms, refined to deliver extremely sensitive results without excessive false positive marks.

In addition to detecting regions-of-interest, the ImageChecker algorithms also incorporate anatomic correlation technology. This advanced technology analyzes corresponding findings in the contralateral breast and different views of the same breast.

Extensive Clinical Validation : The most recent vesion of Image Checker CAD was trained and tested on a digital-only database.

An Effective Alternative to Double Reading:

Image Checker CAD Marks

PeerView™ Digital CAD Marks : PeerView Digital is an exclusive innovation designed to help the radiologist understand why the ImageChecker CAD algorithm marked a particular region. PeerView Digital outlines the suspicious region to help the radiologist visualize and analyze the specific structures that may warrant closer review. PeerView Digital outlines the central density of a detected mass or distortion so the radiologist can evaluate the margin, shape and interior characteristics. Detected microcalcifications are highlighted so the radiologist can determine the number, shape and distribution.

RightOn™ High Precision CAD Marks: RightOn CAD marks are designed to pinpoint regions-of-interest, efficiently drawing the radiologist’s eye to important image features. Calcification clusters are marked with the familiar R2 triangle and masses are marked with the R2 asterisk. The Malc™ mark flags regions containing prominent features of both mass and calcifications.

Citra™ For Earlier Detection, and Better Results: Citra, Hologic’s powerful new suite of advanced CAD tools for digital mammography, includes a series of increasingly detailed views of R2 ImageChecker CAD results. Citra tools include anatomic structure indications and numerical assessments of clinical features that not only increase CAD reading workflow efficiency, but also provide more detailed information about what CAD detected. In instances where a CAD mark is not easy to dismiss, exploring Citra’s additional information may make it apparent that a particular mark is false.

EmphaSize™ Variable Size CAD Marks: EmphaSize2 marks are displayed in variable sizes correlating to the prominence of features of a mass or calcification cluster. When the algorithm determines that a region contains more prominent features, the CAD mark appears larger. ImageChecker CAD evaluates each region of interest by examining several key characteristics including signal intensity, number of calcifications in a cluster, and shape of the calcifications. For masses, the algorithm evaluates key characteristics such as degree of spiculation, lesion shape, contrast to surrounding tissue, texture of lesion interior, and edge texture. As the prominence of these features increase, the algorithm enlarges the size of the mark. If a region contains both a mass and calcifications, ImageChecker CAD produces a Malc mark and scales the mark depending upon the prominence of both mass and calcification features.

LesionMetrics™ Detailed Lesion Hightlights: LesionMetrics provides additional information about each region,including the prominence of certain features that are keyto the algorithm. For example, it measures the position of the lesion within the breast, and indicates values such as the fraction of lesion margin considered spiculated.

Breast Arterial Calcification Scoring(BACS): BACS software provides a mechanism to quantify and track BAC changes, to communicate breast arterial calcification information consistently.

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