Secure View Mammography Workstation

SecurView breast imaging workstations are built with the needs of breast radiologists in mind. Advanced, customizable workflows and innovative image manipulation tools, designed to ensure accurate, efficient evaluation of 2D and 3D Mammography exams.


3D™ Breast Tomosynthesis Workflow Tools

Multimodality Image Display (optional)

Efficient Review

Ergonomic, Intuitive Keypad (optional on some systems)

Advanced Image Analytics (optional).

Instant Bi-directional Communication With Technologists.

Full Compliance With IHE Mammography Image Profile.

Application Synchronization (optional)
• Synchronization of user and patient context with over 45 commonly used third-party dictation, reporting and RIS system.

Cluster Configuration (optional)


Computer Workstation Class Hardware
Windows®-based System
CPU Six Core, Xeon® Processor 2.0 GHz Minimum
Memory 16GB High Speed RAM Minimum
Storage Space 3.3 TB Minimum
Network Interface 10/100/1000 Base T Ethernet.

Display Hardware
1.Barco® Displays Single 12 Megapixel LCD color display with built in auto-calibration & 10 bit graphics card.
2.High contrast dual 5 Megapixel LCD display with built-in auto-calibration & 10 bit graphics card.
3.Dual 5 Megapixel LED display with 10 bit graphics card. External sensor for calibration.
4.Scaled Clone application projects video output from dual 5MP or 12MP displays to a high resolution projector for presentations.
5.Barco MediCal QAWeb, QA and calibration software
6.Display Cards High-end Medical Grade

Superb Digital Images, Powerful flexibility and Advanced Diagnostics

Workflow simplified

Single-button hanging protocol advancement, integrated analytics display and one-button exam completion speed up diagnosis.

Scalable to fit specific needs
SecurView Manager facilitates communication within a workstation cluster for increased efficiency, allowing instant access to images and sharing of markings and annotations.
Accurate, streamlined reporting of results
Application Synchronization enables bi-directional communication between SecurView and mammography reporting systems, dictation applications, HIS/RIS and PACS. Single point of sign-in, along with patient open and close, decreases reporting errors and reduces the complexity of the reading environment.
Enhancing efficiency in the mammography suite
Advanced communication protocols between SecurView DX and Selenia Dimensions or SecurView RT allow for annotations, comments and instructions to be shared between radiologists and technologists.
Images when you need them
All relevant 2D and 3D Mammography studies, including priors, are available to review immediately for fast, informed diagnostic decisions.

Increasing enterprise efficiency and precision

SecurView DX workstation:

  • Optimized for diagnostic viewing of both 2D and 3D™  images.
  • Industry’s most advanced workflow and image manipulation tools for optimized productivity.
  • Instant two-way communication between radiologists and technologists using Dimensions acquisition workstation.
  • Architected for multiple workstation support with the addition of the SecurViewManager, providing instant access to images at workstations throughout the enterprise.
  • Automatic retrieval of prior images.
  • Automatic synchronization with RIS, reporting, and dictation systems using the optional Application Synchronization software.
  • Review of additional breast imaging modalities, such as ultrasound and MRI, with the addition of color displays and the MultiView MM software option.
  • Advanced display of computer aided detection (CAD) results in conjunction with ImageChecker product.
  • Ability to display Quantra breast density software results with one click.

SecurView RT workstation:

  • Complements the Selenia and Selenia Dimensions digital mammography platforms.
  • Enables bi-directional electronic communication between the radiologist and the technologist, bringing a new level of communication and workflow enhancements to the breast imaging suite.
  • Supports a busy breast imaging center, giving access to multiple technologists.
  • Ability to view prior and current images to aid in positioning and setting compression and exposure.

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