SecurXchange Workflow manager

IT workflow solutions for unique needs

Data flow optimized
Transmission of digital mammography data can create network bottlenecks and delay interpretation. SecurXchange routers and archives automate the transfer of DICOM objects to enhance workflow.
Enterprise image visualization
3DView web-based viewer enables non-diagnostic viewing of 2D and 3D Mammography images. Secure access to images eases the patient care process for breast surgeons, technologists and referring physicians.


  • Challenging workflow, flexible solution
  • Affordable storage that grows with your practice
  • Maximizing uptime


  1. Capabilities:
    • Image lossless compression, transmission and decompression
    • Pre- and post-fetching
    • Support of multiple MWL
    • Prioritization of prior sources when retrieving from multiple sources
  2. System hardware specifications:
    • Intel® Xeon® E5-2620 2.00 GHz, 15 M cache, 7.2 GT/s QPI, turbo, 6 C, 95 W, max mem 1333 MHz
    • At least 16 GB memory 2x 8 GB RDIMM, 1333 MT/s,low volt, dual rank, x4 data width
    • Dual hot-plug redundant power supply
    • Redundant fan
    • Near-line SAS hard drives
    • Integrated RAID with 1 TB usable storage capacity
  3. Software specifications:
    • LINUX OS

SecurXchange Archive

Scalable image archiving solutions, designed to grow with your practice
SecurXchange Archive provides an efficient approach to handling the unique archiving requirements of digital mammography for practices that do not have access to a PACS or need a local archiving solution. The SecurXchange Archive will store and retrieve physician annotations, as well as CAD markings. Together with Selenia and Selenia Dimensions digital mammography systems, Hologic provides a total solution for your imaging and archiving needs.

SecurXchange Archive is specifically designed to support breast imaging modalities, offering scalable image archiving capabilities that allow you to add storage space as your practice grows. All SecurXchange Archive configurations include a 3DView mammography viewer single user license. 3DView is a webbased viewer that supports non-diagnostic viewing of 2D and 3D mammography images from any configured computer.

SecurXchange Router

Streamline Your Digital Mammography Workflow with the SecurXchange Router
Many sites face workflow challenges related to the transmission of DICOM objects. Complex environments that include multiple acquisition gantries, additional modalities, and a distributed reading environment demand sophisticated image routing tools. With the introduction of Hologic 3D Mammography and the resulting large datasets, it becomes even more critical that sites manage image distribution efficiently and minimize the burden on their networks. The SecurXchange Router offers solutions to complex workflow needs, including pre-fetching of prior studies and intelligent routing of DICOM objects.

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