uCT 510

Modern medical CT imaging calls for isotropic resolution imaging, low-dose scanning and low-cost operation. In response, UIH answers the call with 16-slice CT with 3D isotropic resolution, which brings superior clinical images.The out standing imaging chain of uCT 510 is built up on the powerful combination of cutting-edge hardware and state -of-the-art technology,which delivers high-resolution 3D isotropic-resolution images with reduced radiation dose and low operation cost.


Uncompromised Imaging Chain

High-Resolution Imaging Technology

Low-Dose Scanning Technology

Efficiant Workflow


Real 3D Cone Beam Reconstruction

uDose Intelligent mA Modulation Technology

10mA Lung Screening Technology

KARL 3D Iterative Reconstruction Technology

High-resolution Imaging Technology and Real 3D Cone Beam Reconstruction

uCT 510 reveals fine anatomic details with the support of Real 3D cone beam reconstruction technology, 1024×1024 high-resolution reconstruction matrix and the MAC ( Metal Artifact Correction technology ).

With Real 3D cone beam reconstruction, uCT 510 is able to obtain images with 3D spatial resolution up to 18 lp/cm (equivalent to 0.27 mm isotropic resolution).

KARL 3D employs a generalized gradient descent iterative denoising both in projection space and image space. Even with low dose scanning, it achieves image quality consistent with that of conventional reconstruction algorithms with a high radiation dose.

Detector-Exquisite Images with Low Radiation Dose and Thin Slice Reconstruction

  • The ultra-high sensitivity detectors enable scanning with high resolution and signal-to-noise ratio (SNR)
  • Highly dose efficient detector geometry increases radiation utilization
  • The optimized scintillator thickness boosts the photo-diode quantum efficiency
  • The accurate detector sampling and calibration algorithm assures undistorted images from reduced dose acquisitions

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