uDR 370i

The new uDR 370i system is Mobile DR system designed to provide high definition images in precise positioning with smart controls.

Remote vision and control provide Operators from extensive radiation damage. The built-in camera and wireless handheld device allow operators to monitor patient real time, preview images and adjust exposure in a safe environment.

This system is an ideal solution to complex positioning. The ergonomic design having  360° rotating rack is retractable and adjustable.

The Dual power supplied control system enables 20KM continous travel as well as 250 exposure or more in single full charge battery.



Compact Design

360° Workstation coverage

Electric propulsion system

Simplified bedside operation and handling

HD images with 125µm pixel size for microstructure visualization

Light-Weight Flat panel Detector

Advanced image processing techniques


32 KW high voltage Generator and high anode capacity.

125µm pixel size for microstructure visualization.

Cutting-Edge image processing technology reduces the patient dose but also enhance the image quality.

High speed imaging shortens the exposure-preview time to 3 seconds for a higher patient throughput.

High efficiency all-in-one workstation.

Transform Bedside Imaging....

With an excellent imaging chain and simplified workflow, UIH’s mobile DR catapults bedside X-ray imaging into the digital era.

Omni-directional rotation provides an ideal solution to complex positioning.

A compact body that is 10 cm slimmer is adopted to achieve precise bedside positioning even in narrow space.

High- Definition Images and Smart Controls.....

The wireless high-resolution detector with a 125um pixel size ensures clear visualization of microstructures and facilitates optimum clinical diagnosis.

Advanced post-processing algorithms not only reduce patient dose but also enhances image quality for accurate clinical diagnosis.

Remote Vision and Control

Operators are protected from extensive radiation damage. The built-in camera and wireless handheld device allow operators to monitor patients real-time, preview images and adjust exposure in a safe environment.

Dual Power Supplied Control System

Two independent large capacity batteries are embedded to supply electrical power to drive system and exposure system respectively. Fully charged batteries enable 20km continuous travel as well as 250 exposures or more.

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