uDR 588i

“User in Mind” Design

Focusing on user experience, uDR 588i combines precise operation with lightweight and artistic design brings aesthetic enjoyment and ease of use to the technology, delivering care, trust, and respect through design.

Our product design ultimately aims to deliver comfort, safety, efficiency, and ease of use.

Driven by the tenets of lightweight and precision design, UIH fine-tune every technological detail embody the spirit of craftsmanship in every product.


Automatic Tracking

Remote Control

Multi-lingual Voice Prompt System

All-in-one Workstation

Large “Intuitive” touch screen

Manual/Automatic Positioning.


HD Flat panel Detector

Compact Floor-mounted

Automatic Tube-detector Tracking System

“Magic Mirror” Image optimization Technology

Efficient Workflows

Automatic Tube-detector Tracking System

Synchronizes movement between the X-ray tube and the flat panel detector significantly reduces positioning time.

Multilingual Voice Control System

Multilingual voice prompts can be prerecorded and preprogrammed to eliminate the need for entering instructions manually. Real-time assistance is also available via the built-in intercom.

Advanced and Intuitive LCD Touch Screen

An elegant and light user interface designed to display essential patient positioning and user information all at once to ensure better patient verification.

Easy to Use Auto or Manual

The advanced electro-mechanical system enables both auto and manual operation. Built-in assistance and safeguard functionalities ensure both operator and patient safety.

All-In-One Workstation

United Imaging Healthcare’s workflow-centered design language enhances efficiency for all examinations and post-processing.The system’s intuitive interface provides seamless navigation between patient registration, image acquisition, image browsing, image verification, printing and more.

Excellent Imaging Chain

HD flat panel Detector

The amorphous silicon detector with large image acquisition matrix and high spatial resolution ensures clear visualization of microstructure, facilitating optimum clinical diagnosis.

“Magic Mirror” Image optimization Technology.

Multiple advanced post-processing algorithms and technologies are used to significantly reduce the radiation dose and enhance image quality.

High Quality X-Ray Tube and High Voltage Generator.

The high-performance X-Ray Tube and High Voltage Generator are adopted to ensure first-rate image quality.

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