uDR 770i

Versatile Ceiling-mounted DR

The uDR 770i – a revolutionary DR system – is not only capable of addressing today’s most pressing clinical challenges, but also paving the way for new trends in the DR world.

Focusing on user experience, uDR770i combines precise operation with a lightweight and artistic design.We bring aesthetic enjoyment and ease of use to the technology, delivering care, trust and respect through our design.


Fully-automated System

Multi-lingual Voice Prompt System

Large “Intuitive” Touch Screen

Wireless Remote Control

AIO (“All-In-One) Workstation

uExceed Software Platform


HD Flat Panel Detector

High Quality X-Ray Tube and High Voltage generator

Cutting-edge Imaging Chain platform

Magic Mirror Image Optimization Technology

Excellent Imaging Chain

The excellent Imaging Chain integrates both cutting-edge hardware and software to provide superior image quality.

High Quality X-ray Tube and High Voltage Generator

The high-performance X-ray tube and high voltage generator are adopted to ensure the first-rate image quality.

HD Flat Panel Detector

The advanced a-Si flat panel detector provides superior sampling matrix and spatial resolution for clear visualization of small lesion.

Magic Mirror Image Optimization Technology

Multiple advanced post-processing algorithms and technologies are used to significantly reduce radiation dose and enhance image quality.

Efficient Workflow

The advanced electro-mechanical system is combined with intelligent management software to simplify the workflow.

Automatic stitching Technology

UIH Automatic Smart Stitching Technology offers high quality panoramic imaging for improving clinical diagnosis especially in orthopedic imaging.

Automatic Measurement Technology

UIH Automatic Measurement Technology is capable of assist in the preoperative and postoperative evaluation of the corresponded orthopedic surgical procedures.

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