uMI 510
96-ring Light-Guide PET-CT

Powered by innovative technologies,uMI 510 is a whole-body PET-CET scanner equipped with 95-crystal-ring with integrated light-guide detector system that delivers excellent molecular images.

Cutting-edge technology leads the trend of ultra high definition molecular imaging.


96-ring Light-Guide PET-CT

23.6 cm axial FOV

2.8 mm spacial resolution(NEMA)

Low-Dose and Low Radiation

Hyper Integrated Light Guide Technology

Zero Gap Detector Ring


High Precision Crystals

Hyper Electronic Technology

Double Scan Speed

Isotropic Three-Dimensional CT

3D Noise Reduction Algorithm for Image Reconstruction

96-Crystal-Ring detector system with integrated light guide

Over 100,000 crystals are assembled into seamless array to produce as many as 191 slices with 1.2mm thickness per bed position for high resolution PET imaging and better match for thin-slice CT.

HYPER UVT Image Reconstruction Algorithm

The advanced reconstruction algorithm applied in PET-CT reconstruction helps to deliver new breakthrough in image resolution and clarity. uMI 510 can achieve a 2.8 mm NEMA resolution.With HYPER UTV algorithm,its resolution reaches as high as 1.4 mm.

Low Radiation Dose

Improved patient safety with low PET tracer dose and CT radiation dose.

  • Low PET Tracer Dose

Featuring high sensitivity and high-density sampling, the 96-ring detector provides excellent image quality at lower tracer dose.

  • Low CT Radiation Dose

KARL 3D iterative reconstruction technology effectively reduces CT radiation dose with no compromise in image quality.

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