uMR 560

uMR 560 with cuttig-edge design concept and superior core components, uMR  560  features higher performance.With 24+ independent RF receiver channels, the uMR 560 possesses a highly efficient RF data transmission system. Combined with the proprietary FAST technology for accelerated parallel acquisition, the uMR 560 is configured for optimal performance to meet all clinical needs.


Advanced 1.5T MRI

24 RF Receiving Channels

High-Homogeneity Magnet

A Full Range of High End RF Coils

Efficient Workflow


Designed for Robust Daily Use

High-Grade Magnet with Zero Helium Boil-off

Quickly Adjustable Scan Control

“Patient-Centered” Workflow

Real-time Image Reconstruction Results

Magnet with Industry Leading Homogeneity

The new 150 cm magnet offers the most advanced homogeneous magnetic field. Get faster data acquisition and fat suppression over 50 cm FOV. Its makes both a full 50 x 50 x 50 cm FOV and fat-suppressed imaging easy.

Efficient Workflow, User-friendly Design and Sophisticated Construction

The uExceed software integrated into all UIH product platforms provides a more consistent and convenient scanning process.

  • User-friendly Design

Comfort, safety, efficiency and ease of use are the ultimate goals in our concept of product design.By applying the ergonomically-friendly principles, our design is innovative and revolutionary, yet functional in order to provide the best user experience and patient comfort during every examination.

  • Sophisticated Construction

Driven by novel design concepts of lightweight and precision, we keep an eye on every single detail in the design to deliver a comfortable human-machine interaction.

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