uMR 570

Wide Bore 1.5T MR

We have designed a 150cm short magnet to achieve magnetic field uniformity with a 70cm wide bore, ensuring high-resolution, high-quality and convenient examination over a large FOV.


Wide Bore 1.5T MR

UIH New Magnet Design

24 RF-channels


Multilingual User Interface

Real-time Image Viewing

Real-time View of Scan Progress

Patient-Oriented Workflow

24 RF-channels

With 24 independent RF receiving channels, the uMR 570 possesses a highly efficient RF data transmission system. Combined with the proprietary FAST technology for accelerated parallel acquisition, the uMR 570 is configured for optimal performance to meet all clinical needs.

70cm Wide Bore for Comfort and Flexibility

70cm wide bore brings fast data acquisition and fat suppression over 50cm FOV.

Efficient Workflow

The uExceed software platform is integrated into all UIH products to streamline scanning operations.


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