uMR 770

uTX 3.0T MR

The uMR 770 provides a superior homogeneous magnetic field and B1 field through Dynamic Accurate Shimming (uDAS) and Unique Multi-transmit (uTX) technology, ensuring optimal image quality for every scan.


uTX 3.0T MR

uDAS – Dynamic Accurate Shimming

uTX Architecture


65cm Bore Size

Enhancing Patient Comfort

Patient-Oriented Workflow

uDAS - Dynamic Accurate Shimming

Delivering Superior Homogeneous Magnetic Field by Optimized Adjustment

The essence of an excellent MR imaging system lies in its homogeneous magnetic field. With cutting-edge Dynamic Accurate Shimming (uDAS) technology, the uMR 770 provides superb clinical imaging.

uTX Architecture

  • RF Optimized for Specific Body Parts

uTX technology adopts multiple RF amplifiers and independent transmitter architecture to adjust the amplitude, phase and waveform of the RF pulse, thus reducing dielectric effects and improving image uniformity for every exam.

  • 65cm Bore Size

    Enhancing Patient Comfort & System Performance

    The uniquely designed magnet with a 65 cm bore optimizes exam comfort for patients of various body shapes. Our high-quality 170cm magnet is designed to provide industry-leading homogeneity and up to 50 x 50 x 50cm imaging FOV. This large uniform FOV is ideal for both clinical and research needs.

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