uPMR 790 (PET & MR)


The uPMR 790 enables seamless image fusion with high-temporal and spatial resolution. PET and MRI are integrated to allow real-time anatomical and molecular imaging


15 min whole-body scan

Sub-millisecond synchronization

User-friendly Design

Safety,Comfort,Efficiency and ease-of-use


1 mm High-Definition Spatial Fusion

0.1 ms High-Definition Temporal synchronization

32 cm Ultra-large Axial FOV

MR sequence embedded into PET data streams

Both MRI pulse sequence and patient physiological signals are simultaneously inserted into PET raw data for real-time cross-modality fusion with 0.1 ms accuracy.With the capability of real-time fusion between PET and MRI,uPMR 790 realizes dynamic cross-modality abdominal and cardiac imaging

Sub-millisecond synchronisation

Real-time fusion between PET and MRI in dynamic imaging of areas including the abdomen and heart with 0.1 ms accuracy

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