uRT-linac 506c

Fully Integrated CT-linac

The fully integrated CT-linac enables precision radiotherapy with its high quality on-board imaging.Fully integrated CT-linac combines a state-of-the-art linear accelerator with a diagnostic-quality CT imager, providing seamless workflow from simulation to treatment, and enabling personalized adaptive radiotherapy.Ultra-efficient workflow with shared integrated database management allows seamless synchronization of TPS, OIS, CT-Sim, IGRT and treatment delivery systems, while facilitating reliable and secure data transmission.


Fully Integrated Single-platform Solution

Fully Integrated RT System Suite

Fully-integrate Operating Platform

Comprehensive Multitasking Planning System

Rapid Aperture optimization

Automated Countouring


Coaxial Table Technology

4D CT Technology

Unified Trajectory Engine

Large Coverage Integrated CT Scanning

High-speed Digital Control System

Low Dose CT Imaging with uDose

Fully Integrated RT System Suite

5 Major Seamlessly Integrated Systems

Shared database enables safe and accurate data synchronization and transmission among systems.

Fully-integrate Operating Platform

UIH’s streamlined, and intuitive user interface design enable users to execute tasks and treatments with unrivalled efficiency.

Comprehensive Multitasking Planning System

Comprehensively integrates patient information management, auto-contouring, automated planning, intelligent scheduling and automated image registration. Both convolution-superposition and Monte Carlo dose calculation algorithms are available for accurate dose calculation.

Intelligent Remote Radiotherapy

UIH’s Intelligent remote radiotherapy utilizes a cloud database management technology that enables a central hospital to design, modify and approve treatment plans at satellite sites, as well as perform remote quality assurance.

Mass data storage and sharing via cloud solution

Oncology information, treatment plans and patient images may be shared effectively and safely among multiple facilities situated in different regions.

Remote radiotherapy solution

The UIH oncology cloud solution enables communication between central and satellite hospitals. Senior physicians and physicists can remotely guide planning and treatment, addressing the shortage of physicians and physicists.

Wireless radiotherapy applications for enhanced flexibility

Provides enhanced target and organ-at-risk (OAR) contouring experience with a stylus pen and interactive display. Additionally, patient information can be accessed at anytime, anywhere. Remote video conference consultation is also supported.

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